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Build and Release Engineer (Games) Ireland - Dublin python, automated testing, bash, chef, git, gitlab, jenkins, puppet, unity
Lead Online Game Services Engineer Ireland - Dublin python, agile, aws, css 3, docker, flask, html/html5, http, javascript, rabbitmq, redis, tcp/ip, tornado, websockets
Senior Product Manager Canadá - Vancouver product management
DevOps Engineer Ireland - Dublin devops, aws, cassandra, centos, chef, docker, elastic search, go lang, linux, linux / ubuntu, nginx, puppet, ruby on rails, scala
Senior Android Developer Canada - Vancouver android, git, html5, java, material design, objective c
Full Stack Software Engineer Germany - Berlin ruby on rails, babeljs, css3, html5, javascript, react.js, redux, sass
Team Lead (Rails) Engineer Germany - Berlin ruby on rails, agile, aws, capistrano, devops, github, js, postgresql, react.js, redux, sass
Sr. Backend Developer Germany - Berlin ruby on rails, automated testing, aws, c c++, devops, git, graphql, linux, mvc, node.js, nosql, python, sql
Software Engineer mobile Germany - Stuttgart javascript, cordova, css3, html5, meteorjs, node.js, phonegap, ui/ux design
Software Engineer (PHP) E-Commerce Germany - Stuttgart php, e-commerce, git, linux, nosql, rdbms, symfony, vagrant