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aJ Front and back end Developer Fluent , wordpress, html5, front-end web development, project management professional, back-end development, php
AA Hardware & Network Technician @ Microsoft Academy Fluent , online advertising, internet of things, system analysis, hardware integrations, network engineering, problem solving skills
aS UX/UI Designer Fluent , graphic design, javascript, html5, web design, iphone, user experience, user interface, prototyping, user interface design, logo design, joomla, usability testing, mobile design, typography, layout, jquery, git
AE Software Analyst Programmer Fluent , javascript, html5, vb6, css 3, programmer, jquery ajax, vbscript, sql development, c#, c c++
AR Customer Support Engineer || Software Developer Fluent , sql, python, laravel, c, xml, linux / ubuntu, data base, my sql, c++ programmer, vaadin, html5 & css3, qt (c/c++), php, java
AK A result oriented, self-driven team player! Fluent , scrum, javascript, wordpress, c++, crm, groovy, rest apis, html5 and css3, illustration, typescript, sql development, c#, angular js (beginner), siebel, photoshop, problem solving skills, php, java, angular.js, teradata sql, .net, java
AA Software Engineer Fluent , laravel, node.js, angular 2, php, php, angular2+, laravel, laravel, php