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aJ Front and back end Developer Fluent , wordpress, html5, front-end web development, project management professional, back-end development, php
AA Hardware & Network Technician @ Microsoft Academy Fluent , online advertising, internet of things, system analysis, hardware integrations, network engineering, problem solving skills
AE Software Analyst Programmer Fluent , javascript, html5, vb6, css 3, programmer, jquery ajax, vbscript, sql development, c#, c c++
AK A result oriented, self-driven team player! Fluent , scrum, javascript, wordpress, c++, crm, groovy, rest apis, html5 and css3, illustration, typescript, sql development, c#, angular js (beginner), siebel, photoshop, problem solving skills, php, java, angular.js, teradata sql, .net
AK SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Fluent , javascript, html5, css3, c#, javascript, .net
AO IT Service Delivery Manager/E2E Ops & Gov Leader Fluent , project manager, networking hardwares, technical skills, service management, project planning
AJ SQL/.Net Developer/Technical Team Lead Fluent , sql server, css 3, javascript, .net, mvc, bootstrap, web api, web developer, knockoutjs, elasticsearch, mvvm, telerik, kendoui, jquery ajax, c#, entity framework 6, jquery, angular.js, .net